Cruddy Boy$: Out Of Brooklyn


The young and talented group, Cruddy Boy$, of Brooklyn have recently gotten our attention with their music and their brotherhood.

Starting their journey freshman year of high school in 2016, Cruddy Boy$, put their team together consisting of 4 now 19 year old artists. Sha $upreme, Selim, Tae Mackk, and Day Supreme used to use their lunch time to rap battle and make beats. Soon after, they realized their mutual passion and decided to chase their dreams together. Since then, they're been working hard as individual artists and as team.

We linked up with the Cruddy Boy$ to learn more about them and their latest single "GOIN’ UP":

What is y'all's favorite part of the music process?

One of our favorites would be the cook up and beat selection. We all just know when the right one comes on. If nobody’s moving while the beat is on, that ain’t it. Another favorite would be the reactions we get from supporters and seeing how our music affects them. In the studio we all never cease to amaze each other. Nothing ever gets old with us.

How does your new track "GOIN" UP" represent y'all as a group?

[The] track represents us by showing our chemistry as a group and our youthful personalities.

What does it mean to y'all? Why did you write it?

[It] means, "always enjoy yourself and stay surrounded by positivity." We always know how to have fun while inspiring the next person to go and grind, give themselves a reason to celebrate. Tomorrow isn’t promised so GO UP WHILE YOU CAN!

What is one thing you’d like your fans to know about Cruddy Boy$?

We are a young Brooklyn group that can do literally ANYTHING!

The energy and brotherhood this group displays is one like no other. Together they CAN and WILL make their dreams come true.

Cruddy Boy$ latest track , "GOIN' UP," literally has range for days. Each member of the group has their own unique style and vocal range making the mixture of them all a match made in Brooklyn.

In their previous tracks, Cruddy Boy$, have showcased their versatility and have individually proven themselves to be solid artists outside the group.

Cruddy Boy$ are set to drop some new tracks, visuals, and merch in the near future as well as a new track from Sha $upreme. In the meantime, stream their latest track "GOIN' UP" down below!


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