CruddyK x CruddyNovember: New Single "CRUD TOWN"

CruddyK and CruddyNovember drop a fire track and rep their territory of "CRUD TOWN"!

While "CRUD TOWN" isn't a real place, CruddyK and CruddyNovember certainly made it come to life in their latest track "CRUD TOWN".

The 20-year-olds from Brockton, Massachusetts didn't hold back on the track and made something that's a must-listen.

We got the chance to briefly link up with the boys the learn a little bit behind the track.

"Crud stands for creativity resides under development, we just some difunctional people trynna make a dream happen.."

CruddyK continued...

"This was actually made in a car on our phones initially before we took it took to the studio. We got together and decided to talk our shit."

It always comes as a surprise how artists never fail to do anything for their dreams. No matter the lack of resources or lack of time or anything, they just do it. Starting track and fully developing it was a great more as a brought us a dope track.

CruddyK and his boys are set to release their debut tape "CrudStar" later this year and we can't wait to see what they got up their sleeves.

For now, check out CruddyK's and CruddyNovember's latest track "CRUD TOWN" down below!


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