D. Renzo: On The Rise

Young, handsome, and talented, 21 year old rapper, D. Renzo, is on the rise to stardom.

With his recently release of his track “Sunday,” you can’t deny that he is on the rise.

The melodic track paints the full picture of D. Renzo and his struggles in life. Accompanied with perseverance and faith, the inspirational track is one for the books for D. Renzo.

“Sunday” is just one of many great tracks that have been released by this talented artist. His latest album “Upside Down” released back in January of this year, shows just how versatile this artist really is. With the tracks “Tik Tok“ and “Fast Whips & Fast Hoes” directly juxtaposed just to prove the talent and versatility this young artist and its is insane. D. Renzo is no doubt on the rise. Talent like his cannot be passed up.

Stream his latest track “Sunday” down below or stream his album “Upside Down” now, available everywhere.

Recommended songs:

1. "Sunday"

2. "Tik Tok"

3. "I Like This ONE!"


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