Danny Ayeko: New Single "3AM in Houston"

Houston navitive artist, Danny Ayeko, is back with a new track title "3AM in Houston" and we linked up with Danny to learn more about it!

Previously featured on WORLDSTARHIPHOP with his tracks "Alley Oop" and "City Girls," Danny Ayeko, seemed to have taken some time off during the pandemic.

He is known in the Houston underground as a growing artist with a lot of potential. Danny Ayeko has done a lot for the short time he's been in the game.

"I recorded my very first song in 2018, dropped my first song back in 2019. Haven’t looked back since"

With only 2 years in the game Danny Ayeko has managed to gain 800K+ streams across all streaming platforms including 4 million+ views on his WORLDSTARHIPHOP featured tracks. His debut track "Alley Oop" being his most successful track to date.

His new single "3AM in Houston" is definitely on brand with Danny's style. Resembling the vibe and style of "Hard to Love" album.

"3AM in Houston" was Inspired by the Houston scene and one of Drake's' track.

"The beat uses a sample from Drake's “November 18th” and if you know that song is inspired by the culture in Houston. The track talk about vices that some people struggle with (money, sex and drugs)."

The track itself is simple and to the point. Pointing out the vices many struggle with including Danny Ayeko himself. It is a track that is definitely for an accustomed palate, but nevertheless a dope comeback track.

The "3AM in Houston" track is the first single released from Danny Ayeko's upcoming project “Words Can't Tell the Whole Story” set to drop late spring.

Danny Ayeko is an artist with a lot of potential and hungry for growth. Putting in the work and striving for results. 2021 has just started and we can't wait to see his growth throughout the year.

While we wait for his new project to drop make sure you check "3AM in Houston" down below or check out one of our recommended tracks!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Alley Oop"

  2. "Love Camp"

  3. "3AM in Houston"


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