Dede Valentino: New Single “Galaga”

We all know Florida doesn’t lack talent, but some artists deserve more recognition than they get and Dede Valentino is definitely one of them!

Dede’s newest track “Galaga” is currently one of our favorite tracks and he has recently become one of our favorite artists.

The young Orlando artist has made tremendous progress in the last few years without changing much of his whole style as an artist.

Starting with his 2020 track “TikTok Bitch” featuring M1H1, Dede Valentino started gaining more traction.

Now, his newest track “Galaga” has gained the eyes of a few well-respected music blogs and pages.

The hyper-pop track is just a vibe altogether. From the beat to the cover art, the track is insane and dare I say…. his best track to date.

His previous track “Poison” was one for the books, but “Galaga” came to knock it out of the park with its insane beat.

Dede Valentino also put a different type of energy in this track than his previous track that definitely makes you feel like you can take on anything.

Make sure to give it a listen and let us know what you think about it.

Dede Valentino’s newest track “Galaga” is available now on all streaming platforms or check it out down below!


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