Demarcus: New EP "A Year From Now"

25 year old artists, Demarcus, from Radcliff Kentucky, set himself a goal to complete in 365 days!

His latest 'A Year from Now' EP reflects his day to day life as well as his dreams and aspirations.

Staring off with the first track ,"Dark Clouds," Demarcus, sets the tone for the project. Listing off his fears and insecurities, representing the things he needs to overcome.

The following track, "Get It Right," is the next process of the 365 journey. Hustling, improving, and having faith in yourself.

Demarcus's "A Year from Now" EP tells a cohesive story of what a year of grinding for your dream looks like.

Although the EP is only 4 tracks long, Demarcus, does a good job at getting his point across.

The overall quality of the tracks and thoughtfulness of it is good. It definitely shows just what Demarcus is capable of and perfectly displays his potential.

2021 just started so we'll have to keep a lookout to see how Demarcus new 365 days go, but for now, make sure to check out his "A Year from Now" EP here or check out one of the recommended tracks below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Money Dance"

  2. "ICU"

  3. "BehindEnemyLines"


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