Demarcus: "Mala Santa Interlude" New single

Demarcus recently dropped his first single of 2021!

After catching our eye with his "A Year from Now" EP, Demarcus, drops again. This time with a slightly different vibe.

His new track "Mala Santa Interlude" showcases a slightly different flow and energy. Demarcus usually takes on an OG hip-hop approche when it comes to his flow and beats, but this time he took a more melodic approach. Showing more of his versatility and an adaptation.

Overall, the track gives of good vibes and definitely gives Demarcus a good start the new year.

Make sure to check out Demarcus latest track "Mala Santa Interlude" down below or check out one of our recommended tracks!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Fr Fr"

  2. "Upside"

  3. "Money Dance"


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