Denver Later: New single "On & On"

20 year old, Georgia artist, Denver Late, recently dropped a new single!

The underground pop artist has been making music for some time now. Dropping some solid tracks and projects. His last drop was his soulful "Stork" album back in July of 2020, but now he's back with a dreamy track titled "On & On."

Denver Late shared with us what the process was like to create "On & On" and how he felt for after not dropping for so long:

"I was going through a time of stress, writer’s block, and thought I lost the spark I had during the recording of my last album, Stork. Stork did really well and I was afraid I couldn’t top it.."

He continued...

"my main source of support is my girlfriend. She made me realize little things like me buying my first car with the money I collected from music, building my own studio, and making music completely organic and true to myself. This made me want to write a song about her since she is the reason I gained my confidence back when I’m recording in the booth."

The sweet lyrics and melody in "On & On" really do show just what kind of support Denver's girlfriend provides for him and how irreplaceable that kind of support is for a small artist.

Overall, Denver Late's "On & On" track is a good track. A sweet late-night drive type of track.

Denver Late is already working on his next project which is set to drop sometime this year. In the meantime, make sure to check out his new single "On & On" or check out one of our recommended tracks!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "We Get Lost"

  2. "Sun Up"

  3. "Description"


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