DEVIN DENNI$: Behind The Music

New York artist, DEVIN DENNI$, has been making music for 10 years and takes part in every single aspect of the music process.

The sound selection, music placement, engineering, and so on, is 100% all DEVIN DENNI$’s work.

"Individuality is key. I do my own stunts" - Devin Denni$

With endless flows and timeless bars. DEVIN uses his platform to bring light to controversial topics. In his latest album release “Darkskin Emotions,” he brings light to the lack of self expression from African American men due to the fears of looking weak or “soft.”

The project starts out with a duet with female artists, Rito Stiz, on the subject of apologies and relationships. The “Darkskin Emotions” album moves so seamlessly from subject to subject. Spotlight subject like staying strong and flexing and gaining respect.

Besides, having tracks that show his personal personal on controversial topics, DEVIN DENNI$ has some hard hit tracks like “EA$Y BRE$$Y” and “GUCCI.”

DEVIN DENNI$ is an artist who’s character and music impresses beyond the eye.

Stream his “EA$Y BRE$$Y” down below or check out one of our recommend tracks.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Type Of Time" (ft. Rito Stiz)

  2. "EA$Y BRE$$Y"



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