DirtyFacefuuze: Dirty 46ers

DirtyFacefuuze and his crew are on their way to take over Atlanta's underground!

With just one year in the game, DirtyFacefuuze, has managed to build up his image quickly without any BS or stunts. As well, as dropped several singles and music videos with Dirtyfacepeso, 46Keith, and the rest of his crew.

DirtyFacefuuze uses the signature Atlanta style to his advantage, adding his 'IDGAF, DON'T F W/ME" attitude, to get his own vibe; While, his unique voice adds another layer to his signature sound.

He might just be getting started in the game, but he's racked up quite a few streams for an underground freshman. One thing we can say for sure is that this kid ain't playing around, so keep an eye out for him and the 46ers.

Checkout DirtyFacefuuze's tracks here or stream our favorite 46ers music video down below!


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