DreLee836: "GOD WYA?" Review

If there's one track by DreeLee863 that is a must listen to track, it is definitely "God WYA?"

The 24-year-old Florida artist started making music back in 2018 and at the time had some hesitations about it.

"I’ve always had a passion for music, but I was afraid to peruse it for real. I was worried about how other people would feel, how people would view me, etc ... I felt like being a “rapper” comes with a negative stigma at times. I finally decided to just go at it for real. Let people think what they want. Let people feel how they feel."

Since then DreeLee863 has dropped several singles and projects with many different vibes and music styles.

Inspired by artists like Lil Wayne, XXTENTACION, Kodak Black, and many more DreLee863 has been grinding hard and making music that's inspiring and also good to just vibe to.

"God WYA?" is one best DreeLee863's best tracks and one of his personal favorites.

"This is one of my favorite tracks personally just because it’s real and it’s raw. Everything I’m talking about in the song is pure facts."

Surprisingly, he doesn't feel like this track alone represents him as an artist.

"To be honest, I don’t really feel like this track represents me well as an artist. This track was a different vibe for me if you know what I mean. A totally different sound... I feel like I got hella different vibes so it’ll be hard for me to just pick one song that represents me. You’d have to really be with me on the journey to truly get an understanding of me."

DreeLee's "God WYA?" is really just a wholesome track that anyone and everyone can relate to.. especially if you're a beliver or have been down so bad that you've just wanted someone to blame.

"Sometimes I find myself wondering if all of this worth it? Or what does all of this mean? Like what is my purpose? What is the purpose of all of this? That was really the meaning of the track. Like God Wya? Give me a sign give me something. I like speaking on shit other people are afraid to speak on."

The track takes you through DreeLee's hopelessness and search for answers. He describes many losses and specific events throughout the track. Yet it still maintains a bit of hope.

Overall, "God WYA?" is just a great track. The storytelling, the sound quality, the music video, and just the emotion the track envokes, just makes it a great track.

DreLee863 has a self-titled project on the way, set to be released later this year, but for now, make sure to check out "God WYA?" down below!


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