DreLee863: "DRELEE863" Album Review

DreLee863 stays true to himself in his new self-titled album "DreLee863."

The Florida artist is known for his inspirational tracks and keeping it real with the dark side of life.

In his new self-titled album, "DreLee863," pours his heart and thoughts out during his dark times. Taking you through his journey in life.

Tracks like "SCREAM" and "5 AM SESSIONS" laying down heavy lyrics of despair and hopelessness he once felt.

As the album progresses he reaches a point of clarification with the lyrics "Thank God that I found myself" in his track "THANK GOD". Where the album starts to pivot from his dark thoughts to his more joyful moments in life.

Celebrating his music and the improvements he's made within himself and his life.

The lyrics alone aren't the only thing to be impressed by when it comes to DreLee863's new album. His versatility goes far and it's different than anything we have seen from him before. Shifting flows and not to mention the insane versatility in beats.

The production and sound quality are one of the most impressive things about the album as well. DreLee has never dropped mediocre tracks, but he really outdid himself in every single tack of this new album.

DreLee863's new self-titled album "DRELEE863" is out now! Check it out here.


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