DXB drops new “Demo” EP!

The rising all-star of Atlanta DXB claims himself the underground king in his new project “Demo”!

The 6lement manager, producer, and all-around artist has more hits on his belt than anyone in the underground, so it’s only right he declares himself “The Underground Kind”.

DXB is a hustler and always on the grind. He and the 6lement team have worked with top dogs, such as Youngboy, Kanye West, and many more. He’s got the right to wear the crown, but just like a true hustler, he doesn’t forget that sometimes you need a break to take care of your mental health.

DXB’s title track for his “Demo” EP, “I Don’t Wanna Move”, is a true and honest track about mental health. Honestly, it helps me get up sometimes, but sometimes it gives me comfort that it’s okay for me to stay in bed and take care of my health.

DXB has never disappointed and his new project is really just a masterpiece. With great tracks like “Lightshow”, “Don’t Wanna Move”, and many more, We recommended you check out the “Demo” EP and let us know what you think!

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