DXB: New Single "Get Loose"

DXB gets funky with his new track "Get Loose" featuring O, produced by Philgotanother1!

The funky disco track "Get Loose" is the title track off DXB's upcoming "Summer Sounds" EP.

The mellow and addicting disco track shines a new light on DXB and his talent as well as showing off Philgotanother1's insane producer skills.

We got the chance to link up with DXB to learn more about the track and how it came to be...

"I was actually in the studio when the instrumental was made. I knew it was a big beat stadium status beat. So as soon as the beat was finished I took it and just sat with it for like 3 months, and just kept playing it over and over while trying new ideas. "

He continued...

"Eventually, I was stomped. My friend O who is singing, flew down to Atlanta to record a song I wrote. The night before as I was preparing his music I played the beat one more time to see if I could come up with something and it just started flowing out."

It's really amazing to think this masterpiece of a track took 3 months to make. You really can't rush perfection.

DXB even shared how the beat shaped the track and how it made him feel.

"[I] was just matching the feeling of the beat. It felt good, it made me want to dance, it made me want to celebrate, so the rhythm, cadence, tone, and voice just needed to match.

Which came as another surprise for us as we are used to hearing Philgotanother1's more hyper-pop or trap beats.

DXB, O, and Philgotanother1 really did something special with this track and they all showed out more than they ever have before.

With just one week of its release, DXB's "Get Loose" track has got quite a bit of attending even starting a mini TikTok challenge.

DXB's "Summer Sounds" EP is set to drop sometime this summer and its title track "Get Loose" is the perfect way to get hyped for it.

So, make sure to stream DXB's new single "Get Loose" here and stick around for his upcoming EP!


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