Erixk: “YEARS AGO” New Single!

Erixk makes a comeback with his new single “YEARS AGO”!

The talented 18-year-old has been dropped some amazing tracks since his official debut and his new single “YEARS AGO” is no different.

The alternative track is a very soulful and relatable. Really just Erixk’s MO.

Erixk shared with us a bit about the new single and how it came to be.

“After my debut EP “Genocide” I wanted to start making meaningful music instead of producing whatever sounded good in my head. This single is a turning point in my career for a new era. No more making words rhyme or following popular sounds. Just real music.”

While we can’t really say what “real music” means to Erixk, we do know that he’s been making meaningful music since the start. Music doesn’t always have to have a purpose, it can be fun. However, we can say that Erixk’s fulfilled his purpose with this track.

“YEARS AGO” is a melodic track with motivational lyrics about getting life and just living on while letting go of the pain.

Erixk’s new single is the lead single off his upcoming project. He shared a bit of the behind the scenes for the upcoming EP and how this upcoming project has helped him become a better artist.

“I was having trouble coming up with a single for my upcoming sophomore EP so I got help from my friend Sherif XR who sent me the beat. I then remixed it with the stems and made it my own. It was a true revelation and helped me realize I don’t have to do everything on my own and now I have the best song I ever made in my opinion.”

We’re glad Erixk learnt something very valuable as far as the music industry or just life in general. There’s nothing wrong with asking for or need helped.

Erixk’s new single “YEARS AGO” is definitely worth the listen and we recommend you click here to check it out. Let us know what you think and stick around for Erixk’s upcoming project!


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