Esteban.: “floridawater” New Album!

The boy Estaban. is back at it again with a brand new album!

If you’ve been around The Club for a while, you know that Esteban. is a guy to always place your bets on. With immense talent and a lot of creativity, Esteban. keeps on pushing his sound beyond the typical Florida sound.

Last year around this time, Esteban. released his album “wya kid?”, now he’s back with his end of the year project “floridawater” and it shows just how much a year has done for the Florida rapper.

Starting off with his sound, Estaban. really mellowed down his sound. He sounds a lot more focused. The quality of his music has also seen a shift. Esteban. has really seemed to expand his sound and flows to showcase more versatility.

We’re really impressed with the growth Esteban. has made. He is really on his way to becoming something greater than he has become in his hometown.

Upon the release of his new album, “floridawater”, We linked up with Esteban. to learn more about the inspiration behind the album and how it came to be.

“my family, the things I had to endure this year, & the realization of my growth as an artist [is what inspired this project].”

“it was a beautiful thing for me.. there was no overthinking, no insecurities or anxiety… I just picked my beats, and floated.. the people around me really helped with it too”

He continued…

“this year I’ve had my ups and downs, trials and tribulations.. but I’ve been blessed tenfold.. this tape sums up all the emotions, all the thoughts, and all the depths of my personality.”

Esteban. really seemed to have more confidence, along with a different mindset when working on this project. We’re really happy to hear he’s got great people on his corner.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the outcome of the “floridawater.” album. Esteban. showcased and showed more his endless potential in this album than any of his previous work. He included an R&B track, something never heard from him before. He also included a lot more versatility in this project than his “wya kid?” album or any project after that.

Esteban. is really a pure and true artist, continuing to grow and expand his sound. His new album “floridawater.” is out now, available on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out by clicking here or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

  1. “theywouldn’tfrontme!”

  2. “twoforone”

  3. “magicjack.”


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