E$TEBAN: "Skanless" MV

Florida rising star, E$teban is back with a new music video!

After dropping his album "Wya Kid?" at the end of last year, E$teban took some time off to prepare for a new music video and was generous enough to drop two new singles while we all waited. With his latest single "Boom Bye Bye" showing off a new vibe from E$teban.

We previously covered E$eban back in December when he dropped his album, but now we got to link up a learn a bit more about his most popular track of the "Wya Kid?" album "Skanless."

"I noticed that Skanless was of my fan favorites so I had to give it some visuals. Shout Out to Franko Dior & Kidturnedking for inspiring me to release my first project.. they some real workaholics.. "

He continued...

"When I wrote this specific song I had just listened to a Tupac x Nate Dogg track called “Skandalouz” and I was peepin that a lotta mfs are “Skanless” (scandalous). They come around for beneficial purposes, portray an image that they can’t uphold, and are all around horrible people.."

E$teban must have pulled off something good after listening to Tupac and Nate Dogg because he went crazy in "Skanless."

It was nice to learn the meaning behind the track title as we were having a hard time figuring out what it meant specifically to E$teban. Now, we know he just doesn't vibe with big mouth fake af people.

The "Skanless" music video was shot by Nu Turbo and it gives off a chill vibe mixed with trappin'.

"The video and song kinda give you a peek into some of my personalities... I'm a laid back dude cause you can hear it in my voice on the track but at the same time, I’m a confident and somewhat cocky, a shit talker, while being very particular about my art... I directed the video to kinda be on a POV into the mind and life of Esteban.. it was shot by Nu Turbo the hardest cameraman in the O..."

After learning this information, we analyzed the video and you can definitely see the intent with the POV E$teban is talking about.

In some shots, you can see E$teban sitting alone at the table, just him and his racks. Possibly symbolizing he doesn't hang out around "pocket watchers."

It was interesting to learn more behind the track and the music video. It certainly helped resurface E$teban's "Wya Kid?" album back to our playlist and helps us view it in a different light.

E$teban has a few new things on the way, till then make sure you check out his "Skanless" music video down below or check out his "Wya Kid?" album here!

Recommended Tracks:

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  2. "Boom Bye Bye"

  3. "bnb"


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