Featured Artist: FlexxWavy

All the artists we support have a lot of passion for the music they make, but Logan Ghiorzi brings a whole new level of talent and passion to the game.

Meet FlexxWavy!

FlexxWavy has recently been on repeat with his latest single “FALLING.” He constantly shows how diverse of an artist he is and is not afraid to be deep in his lyrics. You can see and feel all the hard work he puts into his projects right from the start.

FlexxWavy is from Tempe, Arizona and has always been around music. He grew up with music all around him and got his first guitar at the age of 8. He then learnt to play the piano and drums and would do covers. Later on, he became bored of the same old songs and covers and started trying new instruments and sounds.

With his enjoyment of hip-hop music he started to research how to record tracks and made his first song about two years ago. He recorded it on a 4 track (cassette player) over a YouTube beat in his run and then uploaded it. He has been making music ever since.

He hopes to be able to make a living off his music and wants to “be able to change lives all while being able to support [his] own through what [he] loves.”

We asked him “Who is your biggest inspiration in life? and why?” And he answered “To be 100% honest I don’t have a main inspiration. Instead of looking up onto one individual I like taking bits and pieces of multiple and learning from what they have done and accomplished to get to where they are/were today.”

In the future he hopes to collab with big artist like Flipp Dinero, YBN Cordae, Post Malone, and Dominic Fike.

We also asked him “What producer do you hope to work with in the future?” and he replied “I will work with anyone! Anyone who supports the craft as a whole I’m down to work with. I’m never gonna be stuck on one genre.”

FlexxWavy is constantly motivated by everyone around him, because music helps people cope and feel certain emotions, he wants to be able to help someone out of a dark spot or help change someone’s life for the better. His motto is “YOLO YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE BRUH! WHY COPY MOTHAFUCKAS WHEN YOU CAN BE ON A ONE WAY TICKET TO PARIS EATING SEAFOOD OFF MONEY YOU MADE DOIN WHAT YOU LOVE??”

He wants all the hates to know that he still loves all of you and wants people considering making music to know that ”You will grow way faster and learn so much about the craft if you see music further then just a song. Take music as a feeling and create something that’s gonna put butterflies in someone’s stomach, or be the song they listen to pregame. BE YOURSELF! <3”

FlexxWavy will soon be a household name and we hope you all see his talent now, just like we do.

Here are some recommended songs:




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