Featured Artist: Kamrn

Kamron Guidry, Aka Kamrn, is one of our favorite artists and is no stranger to The Club.

The 18 year old, Texas native, has been having our attention non-stop for a while now.

Since the young age of 12, Kamrn, has had an interest for music. Singing melodies and spittin' witty bars like Lil Wayne and Jay Z.

One of his biggest inspirations in life is his mom. He hopes to one day win a Grammy and bring her up the stage as a thank you for all her hard work.

In the future he hopes to work with producers “Pierre Bourne, Wheezy, or Jetsonmade.” He also hopes to maybe collaborate with Lil Wayne and Brent Faiyaz.

Kamrn’s first show was at a Coast to Coast event and wants anyone considering making music to know to “Go ahead and make it, but if you in it for the money turn around. [It] Takes a lot of time, hard work, tears and money to enter.” A lot of time, hard work, and out of pocket money is what we see Karmrn put out. He is constantly dropping quality work and never disappoints.

His style is one to compare to PnB Rock, Tory Lanez, and Nav, So you know he’ll be one for the books.

His upcoming album drops Jun 17, so stick around and see what he’s got up his sleeve. In the meantime, stream his latest track “Mr. Lonely” or check out one of our recommended track down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Mr.Lonely"

  2. "Alone!"

  3. "Gave Up On My Heart"


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