Featured Artist: Keemy Hendrxx

Jacksonville, Florida, artist Keemy Hendrxx got a vibe we haven’t seen coming through Fugitive Club.

With an R&B/Rapping style, he brings his own flavor to the plate. With tracks like “BOBBY VALENTINO” and “UPGRADE” we really had no choice but to put him on.

He started making music in high school, just freestyling for fun, till one day someone convinced him to take it seriously. Music has always been his passion with R&B being his and his granny’s vibe.

Keemy hopes to travel the world and have the whole world singing his music, “spread happiness,” but wants his first tour to be in California. His biggest inspiration in life is himself because “[He] disciplined [himself]” and “always believed when no one else did.”

We asked him which artists he would like to collaborate with in the future and he said “Playboi Carti, Uno, [and] Young Thug.” We also asked him which producers he would collaborate with and he responded “Pierre Bourne, Thrillboy, [and] Metro” but kept it realistic saying “time will tell.”

Keemy is motivated to make music because of the possible outcome of his future and follows the motto “Life is what you make it.”

His message to the haters is “I love you. Thank you.”

Keemy Hendrxx leaves us wanting to know more, but for now “time will tell.”

stream his latest single “BOBBY VALENTINO.”

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- Keemy Hendrxx


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