Featured Artist: Kgm Ugly

Another talented young star is 15 year old, Landon Schroepfer.

Meet Kgm Ugly!

Cali artist Kgm Ugly had us obsessed with his latest single “Together” for a good minute. His sound is a bit different than others and is definitely a sound to keep a lookout for.

Kgm Ugly started making music to help his family and inspire others by example, that they can be whomever they want to be regardless of their age. His biggest inspiration and supporter in life is his dad, because “he is always there and he always motivates [him] and supports [him] 100%”

He hopes to collab with the producer Nick Mira, and artists Iann Dior and POORSTACY, in the future. His supporters and followers motivate him to keep making music and his life motto is “I’m happy with my life if i made someone else happy with theirs.”

We asked him to send a message to the haters and he replied “I wish the best to all of you.”

Kgm Ugly‘s advice to someone considering making music is “You got this never give up, We’re all in this together.”

With his talent and bright mind we are most certain Kgm Ugly is one with a great music journey and future greatness.

You have now gotten to know Kgm Ugly! Stick around to see what he has in store for us.

Recommend Songs:

1. Together

2. Numb

3. Run!


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