Featured Artist: Khair of $LUTMOB

21 year old Khair, from Chicago, recently peeked our interest with his “Parked Car Interlude” Ep. Within 30 seconds of hearing his “Dan Ryan” track we knew he was an amazing artist.

Khair started making music for fun and quickly fell in love with the freedom it provides. From freestyling with his brother in front of his dads’ webcam to studio session, Khair, has gone through a lot of progress since his initial interest in music. Although, he describes his beginning as “absolute garbage,” it’s hard to imagine it so. His flow and style are so unique and his use of humor in his tracks really adds that Khair flavor.

His mom, freedom, and his future life is what motivates him and keeps him inspired. Growing up with a single mother and 3 siblings, he wants to be able to provide and not let his number one fan down.

In the future he hopes to collaborate with Tyler the Creator and Drake. As well as collaborating with producer, Kenny Beats. He hopes to buy his mom a house, travel the world, have his first tour in the UK, race cars in Dubai, and just have fun.

Khair is a very resourceful artist. When he can’t go to the studio he just hoops in his car, pulls out his phone, and starts recording. We asked him what advice he would give someone consider making music and he replied “It’s all muscle memory. When you first tried to walk, were you taking huge strides? No. You stumbled and fell on your a** a few times.... you’ll get it when you get it. But also know when it’s time to quit. Arrogance can be the biggest downfall to a person.”

We also asked him what his favorite part of the music process was and he replied “When a song is finished and it passes the “car test.”” Which indeed is honestly one of the best parts of the music process.

Quality, constant improvement, and having fun are Khairs’ best qualities and the reasons why he’s a great artist. Stick around for his upcoming project and check out our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Dan Ryan"

  2. "I Need" (Ft. Ryxn)



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