Featured Artist: Kid Moon

With so many unknown artists out in the world, we feel like Kid Moon is one you can’t miss. The Philadelphia artist is only 14 years young and has definitely proven shown his talent And versatility.

Like many others, Kid Moon started making music, because he was always surrounded by it. His brothers had a band and his sister loved to sing. With many artists influencing him in the past couple of years “[He] decided to give it a shot to see if [he] would be any good at it..” and now here we are, With amazing tracks like “There For You” and “MURKEDFREESTYLE!”

The young artists has many fans and supporters, with his family being the first. “They always find a way to pick [him] back up and make [him] a better person in the end” and His fans continuously motivate him to continue making music.

We asked Kid Moon which artist he would like to collaborate with in the future and his response Was “Tokyo’s Revenge, Joey Trap, YungBlud, Juice WRLD even after his passing, and The Kid Laroi” and we also asked him which producer he would like collaborate with and his response was “Tay Keith and John Cunningham.

Not only does Kid Moon put in the work in the studio, but he also but his self out there. His first show was at a Coast2Coast contest in New York. A contest in which artists go to different states and compete with different people around around the world for a chance to go to compete in the finals in Miami and win $50,00. Although, he didn’t win, we applaud him for taking a chance other artists wouldn’t dare to take.

His wish is to tour “All U.S States and maybe even a Europe Tour and even more” to “make people happy and make them feel like they can do whatever they want to do at any age and that they can accomplish anything with effort and hard work.”

His life motto is “Falling down is the worst thing you can do, never getting back up after is the worst thing you can ever do.”

We asked him to give advice to anyone considering making music and he said “People will always make fun of you for it and pick on you, but no matter how bad you think you’re music is now, with a lot of progress, it will get better and those people who picked on you and said whatever about your music they’re going to be hopping on the wave sooo.”

His message to all the haters is “Without your hate I couldn’t be any better than I am now because with all the negative energy you send towards me, I turn it positive and it motivates me to become even better.”

Kid Moon is really just a great artist overall and if you hadn’t heard of him before, well you have now. You can stream his latest single “There For You” down below.

Recommended Songs:


2. There For You

3. Insane

“I’m fire cuh!“

- Kid Moon


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!