Featured Artist: KILLNEVER!

With a new Featured Artis roster coming in, we couldn’t give up the chance to add 18-year-old, Levi Mcnarsis, aka KILLNEVER!

We got hook with his track “KYLIE!” and then we were reeled in with his EP “HIGHSCHOOL NEVER ENDS.”

KILLNEVER!’s punk rap style is very popular within SoundCloud artists, but KILL is one of the few who can actually pull it off.

We asked him what his inspiration for his style is and he responded, “I listened to a lot of Blink 182 and Lil Peep and I decided that's the direction I wanna go in.” He followed up saying Lil Peep was an inspiration in his life “man helped me and a lot of people through tough times.”

KILLNEVER! Started making music back in 9th grade, because “this one girl reaalllllyyyy did [him] dirty, broke [his] heart, so [he] started putting all the emotions into music.”

He hopes to grow his fan base and have a loyal fan base he can have fun with. Tour all over the US and maybe the UK. He also hopes to collab with Poorstacy and producer Nick Mira.

His advice for people wanting to start making music is “have a good clear and realistic goal in mind and then find a way to get it. F**k what everyone else say.”

He wants the haters to know that the “feeling is mutual” and his like motto is “don’t grope the bear!” What that means... you’d have to ask him.

With so many great tracks and a nice music career ahead of him, we definitely recommend you check him out.

Stream KILLNEVER! here.

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