Featured Artist: Oxi

Texas artist,Matthew Davila, Aka Oxi, has talent you can’t ignore.

The young 20 year old artist started making music at the age of 13. After his dad passed away, he used music as a way to cope. As him and his mom repair a strain relationship, he transitioned from an emo rap style to an R&B/Pop style.

With all the pain and struggles in life, Oxi, looks up to his mom. Seeing all her strength and perseverance helps him keeps his head up and continue making music.

His first show was in 2017 at a club has was barely even allowed to get into. He was so nervous, but he pulled through and let his love for music take over.

In the future he hopes to work with Trevor Daniel, Khalid, Pink Sweats, and producers Benny Blanco and Nick Mira.

With a long career ahead of him, he wants artists just starting out to not overthink things because “we are our worst critics and we always overthink sh*t!” He also wants his hates to know that he has love for them too and “wish[es] nothing but blessings for everyone.”

Oxi is a young bright artist and with some smooth vocals. Stick around for his upcoming project “LAST MISTAKE” and check out one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Forever SomeDay"

  2. "I Hope"

  3. "Don't Say I Didn't Care"


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