Featured Artist: SlvckFvxkingChxpo!

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Meet SlvckFvxkingChxpo!

SlvckFvxkingChxpo! was one the first artist to get the full Fugitive Club support, with his song “Emotional Asshole”. He’s constantly active and always supporting other artists as well.

SlvckFvxkingChxpo! , Kyle Hanson, is from East Atlanta (Zone 6) and started making music to “bring the truth to the light.” He‘s a big fan of Spaceghostpurrp and hopes to work with him and producer Wheezy in the future. His family, supporters, and fans are what motivate him most to keep making music and like all artist, he hopes to be able to meet bigger artists and be able to collab with them.

His constant motto is always “Live Evil Bro!”

We asked him to send a message to all the haters and he replied “I love them guys!“

His advice to anyone considering music is “Say whatever you feel bro, don’t worry”

We strongly believe SlvckFvxkingChxpo! has the potential to be a great artist and we hope you all can support him and wish him luck on his music journey.

You have now gotten to know a bit more of SlvckFvxkingChxpo! Stick around to see what else he brings to the game.

Recommended songs:

1. Emotional Asshole

2. 30

”I’M A VILLAIN B*TCH!!!” - SlvckFvxkingChxpo!


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