FlackoSantana: “Outta Here” New EP!

18-year-old FlackoSanatana drops his first official project ever titled “Outta Here”!

The Texas native hasn’t been in the game for too long but he’s certainly ahead of some veteran artists when it comes to dropping tracks.

FlackoSantana’s new EP “Outta Here” features 5 tracks with versatile beats and good sound quality. It seems like some hyper trap artists forget music isn’t just about hard beats but also good sound quality, lucky Flacko doesn’t lack that whatsoever.

His new EP is something you’d expect from a first project only better.

We briefly linked up with the young artist to learn a bit about how the project came to be.

“What inspired this project was me wanting to evolve. I wanna better myself day by day. I wanted to do better then i did the other times. I had recently got into some legal trouble so now it was time to focus n get stuff done.”

He continued…

“Had a lot of things in the way mostly distractions but had to tell myself i gotta get this done, i need to finish this. I tried something different from most of my old music and came at this project with a different outlook. I can say i’m pretty proud of what i did because this is one of the projects i actually really tried on, unlike most of my other stuff i really put more time and thought into each song. At the end of each track i felt this type of joy knowing i just made some bangers, this is one of the best feelings in the world.”

It seems like FlackoSantana really felt a sense of accomplishment when it can to project and rightfully so.

All 5 tracks in the “Outta Here” EP were well-executed and there’s nothing mediocre about it. It’s fair to say we expect more quality and growth from Flacko in the future.

FlackoSantana’s new “Outta Here” EP is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out now and let us know what you think!


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