FlauntKidtyy: “FlauntKid to the Moon”! - New Album

Chicago’s Flauntkidtyy drops his second album titled “FlauntKid to the Moon!” on all streaming platforms!

The young and talent 19-year-old packed the album with 7 cohesive tracks that flow through together without any hiccups.

Flauntkidtyy’s “FlauntKid to the Moon” album feels much different than any other body of work Flauntkidtyy has dropped before. From beat selection to overall energy, the album feels like a fresh sound for Flauntkidtyy. Almost as if Flauntkidtyy has found his sounds. The album sounds so refreshing and cleaning compared to some of his previous work.

Over the years, Flauntkidtyy has experimented with different sounds and you can really hear some of those sounds incorporated into the album. Tracks like “Appa”, “Grim Reaper”, and “Game &Watch” really reflect Flauntkidtyy’s older tracks and growth. Really using his learning and experimentations to build his sound.

We briefly linked up with Flauntkidtyy to learn about what went on behind the scenes of making the album and why was different from his other work.

“This project was inspired by me and my friend/producer/engineer Ra just being in the studio wanting to create something new and genuine to me. We were in the studio making the intro song Appa super high and I randomly said that it was moon music. From there I brainstormed with friends on a title and we ending up coming to Flauntkid to the moon!”

Nothing better than hearing an artist who is open to ideas, feedback, and trying new things.

He continued to share the process of making the album itself and the goal for it.

“The process of making this project was really just Ra and I in the studio trying different things. The goal was to make a cohesive body of work that showed versatility. The most important thing to me is having fun and letting things come naturally, so usually Ra would just turn on a beat I'd freestyle to catch a flow and then write from there.”

It’s safe to say Flauntkidtyy and his producer Ra achieved their goals for the album. “FlauntKid to the Moon!” is a cohesive album with versatility that showcases sounds he experimented with in the past and has adopted into his own signature sound.

Perhaps the more surprising and please thing to hear about the behind-the-scenes of the album was what Flauntkidtyy shared next.

“This project is really the first time I recorded feeling comfortable and felt like myself vs sounding like or reflecting the sound of those who inspire me.”

Feeling comfortable is the key to making great music as an artist. In this album, Flauntkidtyy really found his own sound and style that works for him and that is the most important thing when it comes to music.

Overall, Flauntkidtyy and his producer Ra did an amazing job putting together the album. It was a great listen and definitely worth the time. We found a few favorite tracks like “Game & Watch” and “Grim Reaper” but every single track in the album really catches your attention.

Flauntkidtyy’s latest album “FlauntKid to the Moon!” is out now and available on streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommend Tracks:

  1. “Grim Reaper”

  2. “Game & Watch”

  3. “Appa”


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