FlexxWavy: The New Wave

Logan Ghiorzi, aka FlexxWavy, continues to amaze. He is back with an amazing new track titled “Hitch Hiking” produced by DxWork and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Earlier this week we linked up with Flexx and got a sneak peek of what was to drop this week. After having the “Hitchhiking” snippet on repeat we played every single one of his tracks and realized the growth has been amazing. He has been dropping amazing tracks since the beginning; However, the two most recent tracks have put him as an elite artist on our list.

FlexxWavy is bringing in a new wave of music that fully represents him as an artist and his worth in the industry. He isn’t biting anyone’s style or flexing what isn’t him. His music is so natural and so addicting, showing everyone in the industry his mark.

His signature sound of melodies and fast paced verses coming together so nicely that in the upcoming years, We see Flexx charting hits on top of hits. The work in definitely paying off and we can’t wait to see what more is to come.

Stream ”Hitch Hiking” down below.


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