Freeway Gwalla: “Machinery”

Freeway Gwalla just dropped a new track titled “Machinery” and with the current state of country and even the world, it feel like this track is an essential.

The track starts with the captivating words “I just need to say that I lost my humanity,” and takes you through an empowering message of hope.

The 19 years old artists has been making all kinds of music in the past two years and has shown impressive mastery of almost every genre.

Freeway Gwalla created the psychedelic beat, demonstrating his versatility and creating his own kind of style. The lyrics of the track take you into the story of a lost human looking for hope in the word of machinery.

Not much different then the track, real live has many lost humans looking for hope and answers from a broken system.

Freeway Gwalla’ new track “Machinery” is a must listen during the state of the country.

Stream “Machinery” by Freeway Gwalla down below and let us know what you think.


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