Frowny: New Single "Cigarette"

Texas artist, Trevor McMahan, AKA Frowny is back with a new single!

Known for his alternative rap style, the 21 year old, Texas native finally dropped a new track.

After the success of his previous track "White Lines," in which he talks about losing a friend.. Frowny drops yet another personal story with his new single "Cigarette."

"Cigarette" tells a story of a toxic love, similar to nicotine addiction. It's bad for you, but you still crave it.

"Honestly the song 'Cigarettes' by Juice had a lot of influence on it hence why it’s called “Cigarette” but I still wanted to put my own real life feeling on it"

Said, Frowny, when asked about the inspiration behind the track.

Overall, "Cigarette" lives up to what's expected of Frowny. From the melody to the overall sound of the track, It's definitely a Frowny song that no one else can pull off.

Frowny is set to drop the "Cigarette" music video tomorrow Jan 8th and a new EP later this year. For now, make sure you check out "Cigarette" down below and follow Frowny on instagram!


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