GC9 NOVA: “Planet Nisu II” Project Review

Bronx artist GC9 NOVA drops his first solo project “Planet Nisu II”!

The talented 19-year-old has been dropping music for some time now, dropping singles as consistently as possible. Recently, he put in the work to release a 7 track project titled “Planet Nisu II”.

“Planet Nisu II” showcases GC9’s full potential and versatility. Switching from rapping to R&B, while using extremely unique beats.

We briefly linked up with GV9 NOVA to learn a bit more about the process of making the album.

“I made the entire album in 2 weeks, while in my dorm room at college. My setup was a Acer Nitro 5 laptop, and a Blue Yeti X microphone.”

Aside from being talented and willing to grow, GC9 seems to be very resourceful.

It’s impressive to learn he recorded the project in his dorm room.

“My inspiration for the album comes from the support and belief my friends have in me and my music taking off. Feeling just how much positive and supportive energy I had around me at the time, it motivated me to make a album that demonstrated my ability and uniqueness.”

He continued….

“I was going through the motions at the time, experiencing both happiness from partying with friends, to heartbreak from a breakup I was going through at the times. Songs on the album such as She Don’t Need Nobody, Go to the Moon, and 601, all embody good vibes and have a chill ambience, while Mr. Lonely captures all my raw emotions while navigating through my breakup.”

GC9 had a motivation behind the project and as previously mentioned he added a lot of variety. There’s a track for everyone.

Personally, I feel like “Go to the Moon” is the best track out of the whole project. It has great sound production and sound quality. The melodic beat and high energy really give off a euphoric feeling, while the lyrics are very relatable.

Other tracks like “7 Minutes in Heaven” really showcase a more smooth voice R&B GC9. Every track has its own specialty and was well selected.

Overall, the project has its ups and downs. It’s playful and sometimes hard to follow but it definitely doesn’t lack a hit track. The most impressive part of the whole project is the variety. Anyone can find a track they love.

GC9 NOVA is currently working on his next full-length project, but for now, make sure to check out his latest project “Planet Nisu II” on your favorite streaming platform or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Go to the Moon"

  2. "7 Minutes in Heaven"

  3. "She Don't Need Nobody"


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