Gevo: “Who I Am Pt. 1” Ep

Canadian artist, Gevo, just dropped a new Ep titled “Who I Am Pt. 1”

Starting out his music career 3 years ago, Gevo, has been working hard to drop his first Ep ever since.

The young artist shared with us what this project mean to him:

“(Who am I) represents me figuring who I am. It’s important to always remember who you are as a person because that’s how you stay motivated and true to yourself. It’s often easy to forget who you are which leads people down paths they would normally never go down. At a point I didn’t know who I was, I was just on auto pilot that’s why this project and all the songs are a story of me finding myself again.”

After a long life of hardship, it seems like Gevo has used music and a positive light of life to find himself again.

The lead track “Retribution” is one of the most meaningful track to Gevo. He shared with the story behind the track and the racial tension he felt at that point in his life:

“I was in a difficult point in my life when I recorded this song, I was a target of racism at my work . My life wasn’t happy and I needed a break. I was given an opportunity to go out with some friends and take my mind of it. After I got home I wrote the entire song and recored it the next week. I would hope that people realize that everyone comes from all walks of life and different backgrounds, don’t judge people based of the colour of their skin accept them as a person because at the end of the day we all bleed the same blood, have 2 hands, legs, and head so why hate when you can love.”

The truth behind the track is something we truly admire.

With all the hard work and good track in his new Ep, we’d have to say “TikTok Girl” is probably one of our favorites.

The track has a simple beat and a simple flow, but Gevo put in so much energy to it that it just feels right.

Gevo’s “Who I Am Pt. 1” really shows versatility and the potential he truly has as an artist. We hope you all stick around to see his growth.

Make sure to stream Gevo’s “Who I Am Pt. 1” Ep and Check out his latest music video down here!


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