GM Rudiano x Trxppy Lyfe: “El Jefe” MV!

Trxppy Lyfe’s director, DREWSKI links up with Latin Urban artist GM Rudiano for their new music video “El Jefe”!

The Illinois natives have been chasing their dreams since 2019, but they didn’t officially start working together until the summer of 2021 with GM Rudiano’s track “ADENTRO”.

“When GM and I made our first video, Adentro, we were talking about our favorite movies and stuff like that. The Godfather and Narcos came up and he mentioned wanting to make something like that and the rest is history.”


The Narcos theme is a continuous theme in the new “El Jefe” music video. The literal translation of “El Jefe” being “The Boss” or “Chief”, usually used in Spanish mafias to refer to the Head Huncho.

GM Rudiano briefly filled us in about the inspiration behind the track while DREWSKI shared more of how the music video came together.

“I made this track with the intention to show a little bit of both sides of my life. Growing up, I loved looking elegant, I always wanted to be the freshest in the room. Lucky Luciano was my idol and he’s a big part that inspired me to make this song. My Mexican side in me has always loved Narcos, the song really is about my life.”

He continued…

“I continue to make music for the people across the world that message me randomly to tell me how much they f*** with me. My music is meant for people who don’t care about what others think, also meant for people that have been through what I have been through. I want to prove to everyone that I’m here to stay and nothing is going to stop me from getting to my goals.”

GM Rudiano is really proud of his country and his roots. His love for Narcos is not a way to endorse or condone the violence in Mexico but instead, he’s just embracing everything that is his roots. The good and the bad. Everything that made him who he is today.

Trxppy Lyfe’s DREWSKI went on to share about the behind-the-scenes of the music video and shared a few of his thoughts.

“It took a lot of time to get all the pieces fixed together. Whether it was locations, casting, etc. but once it all came together it was unlike anything we’ve seen before. You’ve seen the mafia idea before but to my knowledge, no one has done it like we did.”

Trxppy Lyfe has been growing a lot in 2021 and this project with GM Rudiano seems to really be a turning point for DREWSKI. Making bigger and better projects, expanding on ideas that have circulated around before.

GM Rudiano track is a fresh new sound for Fugitive Club and we’re really excited to see artists really do more than the basics. Trxppy Lyfe executed the music video very well and the end result really gives everyone something to talk about.

Let us know what you think of GM Rudiano’s and Trxppy Lyfe’S DREWSKI new music video down below!


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