GT Freeco: A Genuine Sound

Maryland artist, GT Freeco, is one of the few artists we’ve heard with a truly genuine sound.

At just 22 years old, you can tell this young artist is made for music. His lyrics, beat choice, and emotions perfectly mix together to bring us amazing music.

GT Freeco dropped his “Vlonely 3” album earlier this year, which includes tracks like "Cursed,” “Whatever She Want,” "Earn It,” and more. Each track in this album has a relatable story behind, with "Cursed” being our favorite.

Soon after the album drop, Clockwork Productions, Freeco, and Reggie Reg came together to create and drop the visual for “Cursed.” Portraying the emotions behind the melodic track.

GT Freeco is truly a genuine and amazing artist, putting his soul into his music. You just have to check him out for yourself.

We honestly can’t wait to see what comes next!

Check out the GT Freeco’s “Cursed” music video down below or stream his album “Vlonely 3,” now available on all platform.

Recommended Tracks:

1. “Cursed”

2. “Earn It”

3. “Fake Luv Pt. II”


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