Haitch: “Bad Boy (Deluxe)” album

Atlanta always brings out great talent and R&B singer, Haitch, is not to be counted out.

The singer has been making music for about 5 years now. He’s been perfecting his sound and creating his own beats for the last two years, adding value to his craft.

Recently, Haitch, dropped his “Bad Boy (Deluxe)” album on SoundCloud. We linked up with him to find out more about the drop.

With the soothing sounds and mellow vibes, we asked what the inspiration behind the project was and he shared:

“This project means a lot to me. It was basically a compilation of songs I’ve made in the past year and a half. It feels like it’s kind of a transformation album as far as who I WAS and the next album/tape I drop will be the things I learned [and went through] while recording the last tape. It’s definitely change for the better.”

Haitch has definitely been reflecting and bettering his craft. You could tell he put a lot of work into his new album.

When asked how this album represents him as an artist, Haitch, replied:

“This project shows all the different sides of me and [my] emotions. I am very vulnerable on most of these tracks. I feel if you’re meant to hear it, you will, and you’ll feel the emotion behind every song.”

With something for every R&B lover, it’s hard to not give the album a listen. All the tracks are all great; my personal favorite would have to be “Mixed Signals,” “Meet It Up,” and “Leave.”

Haitch is set to drop another project soon, but honestly, even if he didn’t the “Bad Boy (Dexule)” album really just grows on you.

Make sure to stream Haitch’s new album “Bad Boy (Dexule)” here or check out one of the tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

1. "Leave"

2. "Mixed Signals"

3. "Promise I Did"


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