HEXBOYFREN is really not someone you could put in a box and fully proves that with his latest music video “LETTER 2 BLACK KRAY” featuring Labi!

The underground scene mainly focuses on making it to mainstream culture and rarely speaks on their roots or show respect to the roots of the underground music culture in general.

In his new single, HEXBOYFREN tips his hat off to some underground influences on him. His new single “LETTER 2 BLACK KRAY” is a dark trap experimental track that focuses more on the lyricism than the beat.

“We wanted to encapsulate the grungy ambiance of your average Black Kray classic while also championing our pride as two respective DMV artists paying homage to a legend.”

He continued…

“This song is actually a tribute to our favorite rapper Black Kray & fallen star BigMan. It’s a song of the underground for the underground. Of the DMV for the DMV. Labi’s from Rockville, I’m from Baltimore it was time we brought it together and brought our audience an uncut look into our style, realities and thoughts. If you pay attention to the themes of Kray’s music it is showing in this song.”

HEXBOYFREN and Labi really wanted to pay their respects to those who paved the way. Our hat of to them for that.

Overall, the lyrics and style of the music video pays homage while adding a new age aspect to it. Personally, I give them props for thinking less about the gain and more the music and it’s history.

HEXBOYFREN latest music video “LETTER 2 BLACK KRAY” is out now on YouTube. Check it out down below and let us know what you think about!


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