Hot Track Choice Award: Blacboy - “Slimee”

2021 brought out countless hits with viral potential. Many of these tracks got the recognition they deserve and rightfully so. The “Hot Track Choice Award” is awarded to a released track that didn’t get nearly as much recognition as it deserved.

This year Blacboy released countless quality tracks with each one being better than the last. However, there was one track in his discography that was heavily underrated.

Blacboy’s “Slimee” single was one the most underrated track in 2021. The heavy bass trap single was arguably one of the most well-written/freestyle singles of the year. The theme behind the track is one everyone can relate to and the overall production of the track was great. “Slimee” gives out heavy mainstream multi-million streams vibes and it’s actually surprising that the track got overlooked the way it did.

Blacboy is arguably one of the most promising artists out of Florida right now. There was not a single release of his that was mediocre. Although being an underground artist comes with many struggles for recognition, it feels like most of his discography gets overlooked way too often.

“Slimee” has all the qualities of high-end mainstream track, it was produced well, and the theme behind it really resonates with many hip-hop listeners nowadays. For these reasons, Blacboy’s “Slimee” deserves 2021’s the “Hot Track Choice Award”.

Check out “Slimee” down below and let us know what you think about it!


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