Huncho Benji: Hard Hits

Pennsylvania artist, Huncho Benji, has been hitting hard on his tracks.

“Shoutout to TMB LP beats and Lorliqq”

Starting of his digital footprint just one year ago with his track “Hold Up,” Huncho Benji, has really come up since.

The young artist keeps his signature hard hitting beats consistently throughout all of his tracks.

Recently he linked up with Keef Kartier for a new track titled “WHY HE MAD.” Keeping the signature sound, Hucho and Keef, really put the energy in.

Hucho Benji shared with us that his latest rack, “WHY HE MAD,” is a track of his upcoming project. He also shared a few details on what to expect:

“There’s going to be 10 songs on the project and there is a surprise feature on it as well.”

We honestly can’t wait to see how the whole project turns out, but in the meantime, check out Huncho Benji’s new track “WHY HE MAD” featuring Keef Kartier down below!


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