Huncho Benji: New Single "No Option"

Huncho Benji drops his first track of the year and it's dedicated to his daughter and late grandmother!

Huncho Benji's new single "No Option" is a track much different than his previous drops.

With a more melodic beat and a different flow than usual, Huncho Benji, shared with us that this track was inspired by his daughter and his grandmother whom has recently passed.

In the track you can hear mentions of the them both with "wonder why she died" referring to his grandmother and "big bands on my mom, give it to my daughter, numb the feelings of her stress" referring to his daughter.

The track overall is just different than his usual work and may take some getting used to, but it's exciting to see Huncho Benji expanding and trying something new.

He's shared with us that there will be many new visual released later this year, but while we all wait..

Make sure to check out Huncho Benji's new track "No Option" down below!


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