Huncho Benji: "TRIPPIN" - New Single

Huncho Benji makes a comeback better than before with his new single "TRIPPIN"!

The Pennsylvania artist has always dropped some hard-hitting trap tracks, but now he's back and he's adopted a new sound.

His new single "TRIPPIN" features a heavy bass trap beat with a low and deep voice pitch not heard from Huncho before.

Overall, the track is one of Huncho Benji's best tracks to date. If not, the best. The sound seems to be more fitting for his style of music. The deeper pitch makes his aggressive energy get you hype and in the mood to moshpit.

Huncho Benji has released another track titled "OFF THA LIST" with this new song, but we're excited to hear more and see what he does with this sound rebranding.

Huncho Benji's new single "TRIPPIN" is out now, available on all streaming platforms. Check it down below!


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