Huncho Benji: New Single "VULTURES" featuring Keef Kartier

Huncho Benji drops a new track just a few days after his last drop "No Option."

"VULTURES" follows a different flow than his last drop "No Options." Hunvho easily flowing through the hard-hitting beat and gets his point across.

Huncho Benji talks about fake love and even throws a jab at racism with the line "Crackers hating cus you black."

HUncho still had a long way to go, but he never fails to impress by continuing to improve. With each track getting better and better, it safe to say Huncho Benji is starting to get more attention in the underground.

"VULTURES" by Huncho Benji featuring Keef Kartier is out now only on Soundcloud so make sure to check it out!


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