Huncho Zay: "Pure Of Heart" Featuring Frowny

Huncho Zay's links up with elite club member Frowny for their new single "Pure Of Heart"!

Released as a heartbreak track on Valentine's day, Huncho & Frowy hopped on a melodic beat and spilled their hearts.

We briefly linked up with both of them to learn a bit more background about the track.

"I wrote this track for a specific person that I fell for. While this song can be taken in any context- from heartbreak to falling in love to toxic lust, I want this song to be a reflection of my innermost emotions. In a way, for me personally, this track is a testament to how I really feel about the person I wrote it for."

This track is quite different than what the young Chicago artist is used to dropping. He dialed back on his hard hitting tracks and chose to show a bit of his vulnerability.

On the other hand, We have Frowny, with whom we are more than familiar with his ability to story tell and show his most inter fears.

The texas artist shared how interesting and exciting the collab was for him as he got to try something new.

"My verse is solely based on heartbreak, everyone can relate to it, but it also a different sound for me. The high tone grunge sound, that’s my favorite part, I’ve never done anything like it."

A Huncho Zay and Frowny collab is something we didn't know we needed but we are glad to have gotten it.

The chemistry between them both gave us an amazing track and we can't wait to see more from them both.

"Pure Of Heart" by Huncho Zay featuring Frowny is just a great track and definitely worth a listen. Check it out down below!


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