It's Midnight: New Single "Cartier"

Denver artist, It's Midnight drops a new single titled "Cartier" on all streaming platforms!

The 21-year-old artist has been making music since 2018. Inspired by Lil Skies and his album “Life of a Dark Rose”, It's Midnight started to freestyle over Lil Skies instrumentals, later developing his own sound but still grabbing inspiration from some of his favorite artists.

"I’m influenced by Lil Skies, Juice Wrld, Carti, and pop smoke. You may find hints of them in my work, however, I like to add my own touch."

While linking up with It's Midnight, we got o to learn more about his work and his new single "Cartier."

"The most important thing to me about making music is being happy about it. As long as your having fun and are happy doing it, nothing else matters. All else will fall in place with time."

He continued...

"Just being able to create something that describes your exact emotion... There is a certain type of magic that surrounds music itself, so when you’re the one making it, you feel out of this world. Something magical happens."

The passion and the drive It's Midnight displays towards music, in general, is something very special. After some time, most artists stop feeling the passion and just want the rewards, but Midnight is just happy making music.

Making music for the right reasons just makes the music more valuable.

Since his start, It's Midnight has released a few projects and some great singles. Now, he's dropped his first single of 2021, "Cartier".

"Cartier" is a melodic trap track with a very chill vibe. You can definitely see the Lil Skies inspiration mixed in with It's Midnight signature sound.

"This song describes my style of music pretty well. I write very melodic catchy music that can be relatable to anyone. This particular song is slower-paced and emotional.."

"I was going through things with a girl and you can see this through the constant love or lust lyrics in the song. The song goes through heartbreak and joy and me deciding which one I want. The only thing that gave me relief was designer things, such I referred to in this song as Cartier. Girls can come and go, money will never switch up."

Even without It's MIdnight's story and explanation behind the song, the track is very clear. Fighting back and forth with himself, between the girl and material things, ultimately just wanting pleasure and happiness.

The track overall is a pretty great track and It's Midnight has never disappointed when it comes to sound quality, energy, and creativity.

It's Midnight set to drop more singles throughout the year, including tracks featuring Jaxx and Joey melrose.

We can't wait to see what other great tracks It's Midnight drops, but for now make sure to stream "Cartier" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Cartier - Slowed & Reverbed"

  2. "Indecisive"

  3. "Fuck You"


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