Ivytheterrible: "RQ+ (Sid Vicious)" - Single Review

San Antonio, Texas artist Ivytheterrible is on a mission to make his name known in the underground!

Ivytheterrible recently released his track "RQ+ (Sid Vicious)" featuring a hard bumping track and his signature pitch voice.

Overall the last few years, Ivytheterrible has been experimenting with his sound and trying new things. His single "RQ + (Sid Vicious)" is an interesting new addition to his discography. The flow features a sound never heard from him before along with a different flow than his usual.

"RQ+ (Sid Vicious)" shows a new side to Ivytheterrible's music and we're pleased to see him try new things. It's clear Ivy has got what it takes to rise in the underground.

Ivytheterrible has dropped several new tracks since the release of "RQ+(Sid Vicious)", check them out here or listen to "RQ+(Sid Vicious)" down below!


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