James Moss JR: “Boy” (Because Of You)

James Moss Jr. is an artist with passion and latent. No one can say that he has no business in the industry.

Following a line of successful tracks, he has recently released a new album titled “BOY (Because Of You).” A phrase with a haunting meaning for him. Putting his emotional and life experience with love and toxic relationships fully on display. Helping James to “finally [be] able to move on with life.

Throughout the entire album, James Moss Jr. takes us through his life as a Gemini, going from upbeat love and party vibes like “SupaWomen” to slower beats with meaningful lyrics and pondering on life questions “Witchu” and “Outro”. The meaning of this album has a dark story of addiction that led to a breakup and James Moss Jr. “...couldn’t be more excited” for the release of his debut album.

“BOY (Because Of You)” as a whole project has the strength of a top charting album and James definitely doesn’t lack the diversity and flexibility need to be a top charting artist. With the ability to switch up flows and work with many different types of beats, James Moss Jr. definitely sets a high bar.

Stream James Moss Jr. “BOY (Because Of You) album here!

Recommended songs:

1. SupaWoman

2. BOY

3. Outro


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