Jay Blackout: Rise In Illinois

We love to see the unknown doing great things and Jay Blackout is the only Illinois artist doing it how he do!

The 21 year old artist has been making music since his high school days, but it seems like just two years ago he started to go at it full force.

Jay Blackout's craft and energy are really what make him different than other illinois. He put his energy in the right places and put his craft on a high quality standard. Specially, his music videos.

Recently, he dropped a new music video for his track "Vlone."

It seems that that Jay Blackout loves to utilize the trap vibe and really have fun with it. Even when he gets in his feels, he still put that energy on high.

Besides his quality tracks and visuals. Jay Blackout is really an overall consistent artist. He knows his sound and sticks to it without seeming repetitive.

The rise of Jay Blackout has just started, but he definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Illinois artist need to step their game up or they won't be able to catch up soon.

Jay Blackout's "Vlone" music video is out now and you can stream down below!

What do y'all think of this young promising artist?


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