Jay Knight: "Jay Knight Forever" EP review

Jay Knight experiments with his sound in his latest project "Jay Knight Forever"!

The New York artist released his "Jay Knight Forever" Ep earlier this month. Packing it with 5 super versatile tracks, including one Spanglish track.

Jay Knight started making music back in 2017 and over the years he has been developing his sound. Always staying up to date with how music is constantly evolving.

With his new release of the "Jay Knight Forever" Ep, Jay Knight showcases a lot of versatility and experimentation.

"Lately I've been inspired by Pink Pantress and the hyperpop movement emerging in the underground scene."

The tracks "300" and "tamagotchi" are perfect examples of tracks inspired by the underground scene. With "300" being one of Jay Knight's first hyperpop tracks.

To show off even more creativity and experimentation, Jay Knight included the track "como se llama ?" featuring Wowie. The Spanglish track has a very "druglord" type of vibe and very catchy chorus making it one of the best tracks on the whole Ep in my opinion.

Jay Knight shared with us his future goal when it comes to his music and he honestly just wants people to have fun in life.

"I'm trying to make more songs that sound ideal for live venues. Stadium anthems. I want to make songs that sound awesome in a club setting. Something you can dance to."

He continued...

"I make music purely for fun. Just for the art, the money and accolades don't really matter to me, to be honest. I want to make music for other people to enjoy. That is what motivates me to keep recording."

Overall, Jay Knight is a humble artist who's on his way to becoming something great. His new Ep gave us something for everyone, proving Jay Knight has got what it takes to rise in the industry.

The "Jay Knight Forever" Ep is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "300"

  2. "Gemini Rising"

  3. "Come te llama ?"


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