JORDYINADAZE is back again with another hit!

Following the hilarious Virgil Abloh accident, JORDYINADAZE dropped a new track titled “2VIRGILS.”

During the peak of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Justice For Jorge Floyd protests, Virgil Abloh donation to the cause surfaced, totaling to $50. This prompted a hilarious response from twitter users dubbing the 50 dollar bill a “Virgil.”

Virgil later went on to address the situation, stating that he was just matching and that the $50 donation did not reflect his actual contribution. His explanation did not change anything and the connotation and memes continue.

JORDYINADAZE masterfully uses the phrase, “Keep It 2 virgils,” as a reference in his new track.

The track dives deep into the BLM movement and injustice in the system. Proudly speaking up and using his track as a way to continue to stand in solidarity with his people.

Earlier this month, JORDYINADAZE, took on the streets of Phoenix to march in protest of police brutality and systematic racism. He took a stand in front of a large crowd, during the protest, to show his appreciation for every single person helping the cause.

“2VIRGILS” is his extension of the fight against police brutality and his stand with the BLM movement. In the track he shares lyrics like “long time gang leaving my people stains, So for us you ain’t been no help” and “Y’all always the ones starting something, show a video they don’t do nothing,” portraying the real life scenarios of when police officers kill civilians and get away with it without any accountability.

JORDYINADAZE did an amazing job tackling various subjects in this track and we can’t do anything but applaud him.

Make sure you stream “2VIRGILS” by JORDYINADAZE down below.


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