Jrippyjigga: Versatility Is In The Name

Arizona has brought out a lot of new talent in the last year and Jrippyjigga is probably one of the few most versatile artist out of Arizona.

Although many Arizona artists are good at experimenting and trying out different styles, many of them lack the consistency in sound that Jrippyjigga keeps.

With only one year in the game, it seems like It didn’t take Jrippyjigga much time to find his sounds. Dropping tracks with west coast vibes and using his vocal range make the perfect tracks.

The best example of Jrippyjigga’s versatility is his latest track “Love Paradise.” The track features nice west coast vibe and his usual raps style; However this time he included his sweet vocals adding a new flavor to his music.

Jrippyjigga is set to release a new Latin trap track sometime soon and we honestly can’t wait to see how it turns out.

With some much talent and consistency Jrippyjigga is really on his way to be something good and different in the underground. We can’t wait to see his grow over the next few years.

In the meantime, make sure to stream “Love Paradise” and stick around for more music from Jrippyjigga!


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